We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. But there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on.
―  Richard Feynman



Our 36-Week Immerse MATH.STEM.MAKE Programs

Our year round weekday and weekend programs aim to provide motivated 5th – 12th grade students an opportunity to challenge themselves intellectually.  All of our courses are specifically designed to be hands-on and objective-based. 

Honors & Advanced Math Programs

Our Year Round Advanced Math Curriculum aims to provide motivated Math oriented students an opportunity to challenge themselves with Mathematics that is at or beyond their grade levels. We strongly believe that if students show interest, potential, and ability to excel in Mathematics and they aspire to be on an accelerated track, as educators, we should strive to provide the needed encouragement and the best resources there is to help them reach their goals.

AP Exam Preparation Programs

Our Year Round Advanced AP Exam Curriculum aims to provide motivated and high achieving students an opportunity to challenge themselves in learning at university level. Our AP Exam prep aims and focuses on concept understanding rather than repetitive drilling by rote memorization. We teach our AP Exam course at university level. For example, our AP Calculus AB class is taught at UC Berkeley Math 1A level and our AP Calculus BC class is taught at UC Berkeley Math 1B level. We firmly believe once the students understand the concepts and re-enforced their understanding by meaningful drilling, they will not have to struggle with retaining the information. Thus, the high quality and high impact learning together with high grades will naturally happen.

STEM + Project-Based Programs

Our Non-Curriculum STEM + Project-Based programs aim to provide STEM enthusiast an opportunity to explore and be inspired by STEM areas such as , forensic science, nano technology, green energy, biological science, and 3-D printing. Not only do we provide opportunities for students to work on researched based projects, we also cease every opportunity to involve our students in activities such as attending STEM fairs, lectures, and talks.

Youth Programmer Track

Year 1: Beginning Programming with JAVA – Grade 6+

  • Fundamental concepts in software and computer hardware
  • Basic Java programming language components, such as variables and types, various statement types, class, method, I/O
  • Introduction to object oriented programming
  • Cover most of topics AP Computer Science A

Year 2: Intermediate Programming with JAVA – Grade 7+

  • Cover more Java components, such as interface, exceptions, packages, generic, collections
  • Basic data structures and design patterns
  • Introduction to GUI design and programming
  • Basic microprocessor architecture
  • Go beyond scope of AP Computer Science

Year 3: Advanced Programming – Grade 8+

  • Project-based learning
  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps with SWIFT
  • Search engine and big data
  • Artificial intelligence, machine vision, natural language processing
  • Preparation for programming competitions at intermediate, early advanced level

Programs for the Homeschooled students

A successful  homeschool curriculum program helps homeschooling parents build interesting and exciting lessons and experience for their child.

EDNova successful homeschool curriculum is made up of the following approaches:

  • Reviewing  subjects or courses to study to improve skill sets
  • Adhering to a guided program or roadmap of studies to meet learning objectives
  • Tangible, creative, or technological materials to enhance the learning experience
  • An engaging, positive, and safe learning environment
  • Frequent communication between parent and instructors
  •  Uniquely tailored experiences as a result of your vision of homeschooling

Depending on your child’s or your family’s learning style and the above preferred approaches, many of our EDNova homeschooling parents end up using multiple types of homeschooling programs in order to maximize their child’s understanding and retention of the material. This mix and match homeschool curriculum helps each child reach their fullest potential according to each of their learning needs.