EDNova Academy is a pre-collegial preparation academy that aims to inspire, guide, and nurture motivated 6 – 12 grade students who are interested in and have a passion about STEM subjects.

At EDNova Academy, our students learn how to learn – to be adaptable, resilient, reflective, and to have the capacity to research, think, act, and communicate their ideas in multi-modal ways. We provide our students with a core of essential learning that leads to a depth of understanding across major areas of human knowledge with a substantial emphasis on creating a solid foundation in STEM subjects. Our programs are designed to engage students in learning that is relevant, challenging, and significant. Our philosophy and approach is based upon the teaching and learning principles of guided inquiry, development of globally significant conceptual understandings, and collaborative learning. Students also learn about commitment and goal setting, thus, enhancing their leadership skills, resilience, and well-being.

Our curriculum and our approaches to learning and teaching are stemmed by our aspiration that students be intelligent, innovative, and international in their approach to life. In an era that will be dominated by such challenges as rapid globalization, environmental change, and extraordinary technological advancement, our students will need the curiosity to research information, the critical capacity to analyze complex problems, the creativity to find solution, and the confidence to lead. We firmly believe that what matters is not the brute force memorization of facts rather the development of our students’ capability to take what they have learned and to apply this learning to new situations.


Non-Curriculum Programs

Engagement in our Non-Curriculum Program enables students to discover their strengths and talents in STEM subjects which is outside the scope of school curricula. Our Non-Curriculum Programs are designed for Math hobbyists and enthusiasts, aspiring programmers, and curious young scientists and engineers.  Our programs enable our students to integrate information across STEM subject areas and apply the accumulation of their knowledge in a cohesive and effective way.

Project-Based Learning

We adapt teaching methods in which students gain knowledge and skills by immersing and engaging in a rigorous, extended process of asking questions, finding resources, and applying information. The projects are framed by a meaningful problems to solve or questions to answer at the appropriate level of challenge. At the end of each project, students will write reports on what they have accomplished and presenting them to their peers and/or to the public.

Academic Portfolio Building

We offer a variety of academic services that help students achieve their academic goals. Our students will build a highly individualized academic portfolio with us. Their portfolios will include all the advanced courses, research and scientific projects, competition partaking, and community involvements they have experienced through our programs. In addition, we provide one-on-one mentoring and counseling in internships, scholarships, and college applications.